District #21 is committed to protecting student information through programs that meet the rules set in accordance with the Student Online Personal Protection Act.

What is SOPPA?

The Student Online Personal Protection Act, or SOPPA, is the data privacy law that regulates student data collection and use by schools, the Illinois State Board of Education, and education technology (EdTech) vendors.  This law takes effect July 1, 2021.

What does this mean to you?

A parent or guardian will have greater control over your child’s personal information. SOPPA, in many cases gives parents the right to inspect, correct and delete their child’s data, regardless of whether it is held by a school or a third-party EdTech vendor.

Meeting compliance at L-W CUSD#21

This process will be continually updated as we compile our list of vendors and obtain the signed documents to meet the SOPPA compliance. Questions may be directed to the District office.

Lowpoint Washburn CUSD #21 web-based software Privacy Policies links and signed SOPPA Agreements.

  • ABCYa!   (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Boomlearning  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • BrainPOP   (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Cengage   (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Classdojo  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Delta Math  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Easy CBM  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • EPIC  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Everfi  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Fastbridge  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Federal Student Aid  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Flipgrid  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • GAFE (Google Account For Education)(SOPPA Agreement)
  • Getepic  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • GoGuardian  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Headsprout  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Home.class tag  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • IXL  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Kahoot  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Kami  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • KHAN Academy  (SOPPA Agreement)
  •  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Kids National Geographic  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Kidsa-z  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Learning A-Z  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • McGraw Hill Education  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • MobyMax  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Newsela  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Picatvo  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Prezi  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Prodigy  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Quizizz  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Quizlet  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Razz Kids  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Readworks  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Renaissance  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Savvarealize  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Scholastic  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • SchoolMessenger  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Screencastify  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Skyward  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Spelling City  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Splashlearn  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Storyline Online  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Ted Talk  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Teach your monster to read  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • TeacherEase  (SOPPA Agreement)
  •  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • Xtramath  (SOPPA Agreement)
  • YouTube  (SOPPA Agreement)